Summer of 2018.  I'm not allowed to say what it's for, but... it's going to be awesome.  Special effects makeup artists include:  Matt Rose and Todd Tucker.


(2017) - Premieres Sat Dec 9th 8/7c On Lifetime

Directed by Emily Moss Wilson

The film stars Jana Kramer (One Tree Hill), Faith Ford (Murphy Brown), Wes Brown (True Blood), Barry Bostwick (Spin City), Richard Karn (Home Improvement), Trace Masters, Karina Willis, Roger J. Timber, Garry Grubbs, Jordan Salloum.

auto draft


Directed by Peter Borrud.  Starring Brandon Econ, Jack Hernandez and Angelo Restaino.

without accoutrements


Directed by Jimmy Duke.  Starring Beth Kennedy and Angelo Restaino.


'STORY OF COLOR' Directed by John Colombo.  © 2015

PP Fifth Pass.png
Photo by  Jalisco Wayne

Photo by Jalisco Wayne


Allstate Foundation Purple Purse "Making Of" featuring Actress/Spokesperson Kerry Washtington, who gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the 2015 purple purse in this micro-documentary.  The purse was unveiled Thursday night (9/24/15) in NYC for Fashion Week.  Paper Crane Productions produced the video content for this amazing campaign which fights financial abuse against women.  Go to www.purplepurse.com to learn more about this great cause and how you can get involved. 






The Search for the Lost Triplet

Jennifer Bond and Angelo Restaino at the YouTube Space.  Director Jason Zumwalt, Director of Photography Will Turner. © 2015

"Engineer TYLER LOCKE joins forces with a female bioarcheologist to stop a madman from finding Noah’s Ark and recreating the “flood” that destroyed mankind."  “The Ark” is based on the novel by Boyd Morrison that Angelo Restaino and Greg Wilson write the screenplay about an adventurer who discovers archaeological evidence of Noah's Ark.

ADAPTED SCREENPLAY by Angelo Restaino & Greg Wilson © 2014


Actor Lawrence Gilliard, Jr once again stars as John Turnipseed. John spent his childhood battling demons brought on by a volatile abusive father. This intimate, true story delivers a painfully relevant portrait of one man's struggle to heal from his father's rage and find redemption from his own violent history.  © 2013


 © 2013

DRINK is a sci-fi cautionary tale that follows Alice and her two sons, Clint and Billy, as they flee their home in the middle of the night.  They arrive at an old desert motel, and it doesn't take long before Alice realizes she has a strange connection to this place.  A tragedy of the past begins to reveal secret desires that could send Alice down a path of freedom or insanity.

    1. Dances With Films Festival - Hollywood, CA - May 2014 (World Premiere)
    2. Palm Springs Intern'l Shorts Fest Film Market - Palm Springs, CA - June 2014
    3. Indy Film Fest - Indianapolis, IN - July 2014
    4. LA Shorts Fest - Los Angeles, CA - July 2014
    5. Catalina Film Festival - Catalina Island, CA - Sept 2014
    6. Lake Charles Film + Music Festival - Lake Charles, LA - October 2014 
    7. Boomtown Film Fest - Beaumont, TX - Feb 2015
    8. The Mini Cinema Short Film Experience  - Los Angeles, CA - July 2015
    9. Etheria Film Night WORLD TOUR 2015 - Will be playing at various horror/thriller/sci-fi fests around the world.
    10. Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival - Richland, WA - October 2015
    11. San Pedro International Film Festival - San Pedro, CA - October 2015
    12. NewFilmmakersLA - Los Angeles, CA - October 2015
    13. Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Fest - Newport, RI - October 2015


PAPER CRANE'S identity leader


The 1st stage of Paper Crane's Identity Leader. Production Design by Randy Kizer and Angelo Restaino, Director of Photography Michael Victor Roy. © 2013

director & PRODUCEr © 2013

5 hour energy


Directed by Scott Marshall.  Starring Lauren Bond and Angelo Restaino.  © 2013

"Speed Dating" Cricket Wireless ad



doritos KISS CAM


DIRECTor & producer © 2012

Southwest ad


Directed by Kristin Ross Lauterbach.  Starring Angelo Restaino, Emilly Moss Wilson, and Abby Munion. © 2011

knight to d7

 © 2010

An extraordinary story of sacrifice that takes place one ordinary afternoon when Dustin Harper visits his longtime friend, Brady Collins. Their ongoing game of chess is brought to a halt when Brady reveals that his continuing battle with cancer has taken a turn for the worst. The only thing harder than saying goodbye will be honoring Brady's last request.  KNIGHT TO D7 explores the themes of sacrifice, what it really means to be a friend, and the importance of significance over existence.

    1. First Glance Film Festival - Hollywood, CA - April 2011 (World Premiere)
    2. Beverly Hills Film Festival - Beverly Hills, CA - April 2011
    3. Memphis International Film Festival - Memphis, TN - April 2011
    4. Lake Arrowhead Film Festival - Blue Jay, CA - April 2011
    5. Newport Beach Film Festival - Newport Beach, CA - May 2011
    6. Santa Catalina Film Festival - Avalon, CA - May 2011
    7. LA Shorts Festival - Los Angeles, CA - July 2011
    8. Holly Shorts Film Festival - Los Angeles, CA August 2011
    9. Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival - Providence, RI - August 2011
    10. Big Bear Lake International Film Festival - Big Bear, CA - September 2011
    11. Heartland film Festival - Indianapolis, IN - October 2011
    12. Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema - Idyllwild, CA - January 2012


valentine's day

The set of Valentine's Day.  © 2010

grande drip

 © 2009

A young man strolls into a bustling café every morning to buy a cup of Joe, the only thing is, he doesn't drink coffee-he's just enamored with the girl behind the counter. Unable to muster the courage to woo his love, an unlikely hero comes to the rescue in the form of an eccentric homeless man with a heart of gold and a special knack for mending things.

    1. AFI Dallas International Film Festival - Dallas, TX - March 2009 (World Premiere)
    2. Feel Good Film Festival - Hollywood, CA - August 2009 
    3. SoCal Independent Film Festival - Huntington Beach, CA - September 2009
    4. Big Bear Lake International Film Festival - Big Bear, CA - September 2009
    5. Heartland film Festival - Indianapolis, IN - October 2009 
    6. 540 Film Festival - Fayetteville, AR - November 2009
    7. Official Best of Fest - Seattle, WA - November 2009 
    8. Sedona International Film Festival - Sedona, CA - February 2010
    9. Beverly Hills Shorts Festival - Los Angeles, CA - March 2010
    10. Rincon International Film Festival - Rincon, Puerto Rico - April 2010
    11. Lake Arrowhead Film Festival - Lake Arrowhead, CA - August 2010 

Grande Drip also received 2 distribution deals.